ABDR – Connection ends, pipe bends, T-pieces according to ANSI / ASME B31.3

The program calculates the current stress state from the input of geometry data, loads and gain factors. The material database is available in the module and can be used to output a permissible stress value.

FANY – Fatigue analysis for vessel design according to ASME VIII / 2

Determination of the maximum number of load cycles with fatigue according to ASME VIII-2, Annex 3-F Part 5

The decisive fatigue curve is selected depending on the magnitude of the principal stress differences and the choice of vessel material. From this, the maximum permissible number of load cycles is determined. Intermediate values are precisely interpolated logarithmically and thus permit optimum utilisation of the material.


Welded flat heads with large, single round and central openings according to ASME VIII-1 Mandatory Appendix 14


Single wall bellows expansion joints according to ASME VIII-1, Appendix 26 (U-shape bellows only)


Basic principles for the determination of allowable loads for the connection tube/tube sheet according to ASME BPVC VIII Nonmandatory Appendix A

UBC – Earthquake loads according to Uniform Building Code

The UBC module determines the following forces and moments for columns (as well as vertical storage tanks, chimneys, etc.) caused by earthquakes:

  • Shear load at vessel / construction head
  • Overturning moment at base
  • Moment at any height

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