Stresses in cylindrical or spherical shells according to WRC 107


Bulletin 107 of the Welding Research Council

Program features

The program determines the additional stresses in cylindrical or spherical shells caused by external nozzle forces and moments. In addition and as a supplement to WRC Bulletin  107, the internal compressive stresses can be superimposed with the corresponding stress intensification factors.

Integration of material database:

The allowable stress of the nozzle material can now be determined directly from the modules WRC and WRCK in the comfortable material database. After you have entered the calculation temperature and the material, enter the safety factor and the program calculates the characteristic value of the material and the permissible stress. In addition to the calculated maximum stresses, the degree of utilization of the material is specified directly in percent. The material and the allowable stresses as well as the existing stresses and the utilization degrees are now documented within the mask.

A separate stress evaluation is therefore not required!

Package Price EUR
plus VAT

WRC/WRCK incl. S 3.6


FE Extension

WRC / WRCK incl. Stress calculation according to the
FE method for nozzles with additional loads


Combi package

WRC / WRCK incl. S3.6 + EN 16.4 and EN 16.5 + FE extension FEM



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  • M. Bickell und C. Ruiz / Pressure Vessel Design and Analysis, Macmillan and Co., London 1967

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