ADR module

Module ADR can be used to calculate the required minimum thicknesses and the calculation pressure according to EN 14025 and ADR. Annex A of EN 14025 quotes extracts from ADR(European Agreement concerning the International Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road / Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route) and RID(Regulation on the International Transport of Dangerous Goods by Rail).

EN 14025 requires the consideration of a dynamic pressure Pdyn at double acceleration due to gravity 2*g in longitudinal direction. The calculation pressure PC according to ADR also depends on the vapour pressure at 50°C pvap and the boiling point (above or below 35°C).. A table for the test pressure is given in EN 14025 Annex A.4.

The minimum thickness according to ADR/RID is calculated using equations (A.3), (A.4) and (A.5). Different conditions for the material according to Appendix A are checked.

The input data and required equations are listed in the calculation mask.

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