Overview of the module package EN 14025

The programs of the European standard DIN EN 14025 or 1591-1 cover the required calculations and verifications of the corresponding chapters. Additional information about further calculations and help can be displayed dynamically via the info button

Project – BOM

The Project module summarizes operational and test data, as well as the main parts of a pressure vessel including main geometrical data and used material in one working sheet. For the final calculation, the specified modules are adjusted and their data are connected to the working sheet.

The Project module determines which calculation code is used and according to which standard the material definition should be done.

Material Database – WERK

Selection and documentation of materials for the design of pressure vessels

The program determines the permissible strength characteristics depending on temperature, component geometry, the code and delivery standard. All values are displayed, can be printed, copied to the clipboard, stored in a file (e.g. for further processing with MS WORD) or transferred to any calculation modules such as AD 2000/EURONORM/ASME/TRD

The material server is bilingual. You can switch from German to English and vice versa.

Fully integrated material database

ADR – Minimum thickness and test pressure according to EN 14025 / ADR / RID

EN 14025 requires the consideration of a dynamic pressure Pdyn at double acceleration due to gravity 2*g in longitudinal direction. The calculation pressure PC according to ADR also depends on the vapour pressure at 50°C pvap and the boiling point (above or below 35°C). A table for the test pressure is given in DIN EN 14025 Annex A.4.

DECK – Cover for manholes according to DIN EN 14025 (6.3.6)

The Deck module is used for access openings with flat or dished covers for tank vehicles. It calculates the required wall thickness and the required cross-section of the screw. Flat or dished design is available. The input window in the program is dynamically adapted to the specifications and displays only the required data and calculation equations. With a full-face gasket for example, the required bottom thickness is independent of the bolt force. In the case of an narrow-face gasket, further input values and equations for the static forces are displayed.

EN 07 – Shells under internal pressure DIN EN 13445-3 chapter 7

EN 08 – Shells under external pressure DIN EN 13445-3 chapter 8

EN 09 – Nozzles with or without reinforcement plate and openings in cylindrical, conical and spherical shells DIN EN 13445-3 chapter 9

Design of circular, elliptical or obround openings in dished ends or cylindrical, conical or spherical shells under internal or external pressure. The program offers a special calculation option for nozzles in the knuckle area.

1591 – Alternative method for the design of flanges and flanged connections DIN EN 13445-3 Appendix G
(Woelfel method)

Integration of numerous flange and gasket standards

The package contains flange modules for flanges according to ANSI / ASME B16.5 (AFLT), DIN EN 1092, DIN 28034 (VFLN), DIN 28036 (SFLA ) as well as gasket modules according to DIN EN 1514 (1514N incl. manufacturer data).

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