DECK module

Since 2009 tanks for the transport of dangerous goods must be calculated according to EN 14025!

The Deck module is used for access openings with flat or curved covers for tank vehicles. It calculates the required thickness and the required screw cross-section. Flat or dished design is available. The input window in the program is dynamically adapted to the specifications and displays only the required data and calculation equations. With a full face gasket, the required plate thickness is independent of the bolt force, for example. In the case of an internal gasket, further input values and equations for the static forces are displayed.

Some parameters are automatically entered by the program, i.e. if a gasket type according to Table 3 in EN 14025 is selected, the program determines the associated gasket characteristics. The dimensions for metric DIN bolts are entered in parallel.

1. Circular or elliptical flat covers

For access openings with flat covers, circular or elliptical internal or full face gaskets can be selected. The most important input variables are shown in Fig. 8 and Fig. 9.

Fig. 8
Fig. 9

2. Circular domed heads

For domed heads, internal or full face gaskets can be selected. In the case of an internal gasket, the offset hr between the centre of the shell and the centre of the flange at the weld seam 1 must be entered in Fig. 11.

Fig. 11

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