Calculation of heat loss from storage tanks and calculation of heating coil for compensation of heat loss

Depending on the climatic conditions, storage tanks must be heated. In order to calculate the required heat output, it is necessary to calculate the heat loss.

Program features

The Tank module calculates the heat loss of insulatedand non-insulated   storage tanks. The ground plan of the storage tank may be round or rectangular.

In the calculation, the heat losses through the floor, through the wetted and non-wetted wall and through the tank roof are always determined separately. When heat is lost via the roof, the heat transferred by radiation (between the liquid surface and the roof) is also taken into account.

Storage Tank

Physical properties of the tank contents

  1. The physical properties of over 100 thermal oils (T-OIL), various heavy fuel oils and Diesel (HFO) and water (H2O) are stored in the program and can be easily selected for the tank contents. If another liquid is contained in the tank, the known properties can be freely entered.
  2. The properties of the gas above the liquid level for nitrogen and air are included in the program. Here it is also possible to freely enter the material values.

Calculation of the heating coil for heat loss compensation

The calculation is made for a flat heating coil (no tube bundle). The heat transfer from the heating coil to the container medium takes place by “free convection”. Water, saturated steam, thermal oils and heavy oils can be selected as the heating medium. The physical properties are provided by the program. Here it is also possible to freely enter the material values.

Extension in version 8.28

  1. Heating with saturated steam according to VDI Heat Atlas chapter J1 (condensation in horizontal pipes)
  2. Additional heating with a half pipe coil welded onto the outside of the tank. A liquid heating / cooling medium flows through this half-pipe coil (VDI Heat Atlas chapter M2).

Scope of delivery

The module package Tank (consisting of various VDI Heat Atlas modules as well as the modules TANK, LUFT, N2, H2O, T-OIL, HFO) quickly delivers a result with very few inputs, since the individual calculations are carried out with corresponding specialized modules.

The calculation approaches of the VDI Wärmeatlas for heat conduction, free convection, etc. are the basis.

Package price: on request

Add-on option

Calculation of heating time and cooling time at extra charge

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