The TKL module from the ATLAS program system calculates the contents of horizontal and vertical cylindrical tanks with dished ends (Koepper-type or Korbbogen-type), hemispherical ends or elliptical ends.

Furthermore any knuckle / crown radius can be specified. This enables you to calculate standard domed ends, domed ends, dished ends, tank ends, domed discs etc.

The relationships between filling level (in mm), filling volume (in m3) and filling degree (in %) are calculated. By indicating the specific weight of the product, the mass of the contents is also determined.

In addition to the filling level or filling volume, filling and emptying times are also calculated, which are necessary for a given filling volume flow, e.g. between high level alarm and maximum filling level.

The module has all calculation possibilities of the ATLAS program system (any size can be the target of the calculation, parameter studies, connection to other calculation modules, e.g. physical properties, etc.). For example, bearing tables can be created with the ‘Parameter study’ option and exported to EXCEL.

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