KV module

Program features

  • Calculation of the Kv value
    • for incompressible, compressible media as well as for saturated steam and superheated steam
    • for two-phase flow
  • Calculation of the sound level
    • for incompressible media
    • for compressible media under consideration of cavitation
  • Calculation of the transient flow in a single pipe according to the long pipe model (e.g. system tank – pipe – fitting – tank). The pressure difference, the resistance coefficient of the valve and/or the final velocity are specified; the missing values as well as velocity and volume flow can be calculated at a later point in time.

The KV value of the control valve itself is determined by the various manufacturers from test data and tabulated for the various valve types. The Cv value is defined as “The number of gallons (1 US gallon = 3.785 liters) of water per minute flowing through a given constriction of one psi (1 psi = 0.069 bar). The KV is calculated as Kv=0.86*Cv.

The geometric and constructive design of the flow path has a major influence here. A purely theoretical fluidic calculation of the pressure loss is only possible as an approximation.

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The screenshot shows calculation results for a pressure change, e.g. the sudden opening of a control valve.

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