DROS module

Flow measurement with throttle devices, orifice plates according to EN-ISO 5167-1/A1

For flow measurement of fluids in pipelines orifice plates, nozzles or venturi tubes can be used. The flow rate can be determined from the measured pressure drop via the throttle device. In addition to building regulations, the EN ISO 5167-1 standard also specifies calculation equations with which the relationship between measured differential pressure and mass flow can be calculated.

The equations can also be used to design throttle orifice plates or to calculate the permanent pressure loss through such orifice plates.

The DROS module includes the necessary equations for designing all throttles dealt with in the ISO 5167-1 (orifices with corner, D-D/2, and flange pressure sampling, ISA- and long-radius-nozzles, as well as Venturi tubes and Venturi nozzles). In addition, both the flow rate from the measured differential pressure and the differential pressure associated with a given flow rate can be determined.

The validity limits of the equations specified in the standard are checked during data input.

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