Program description
RNET Calculation and simulation of meshed pipe networks for gases, vapours and liquids with sprinkler system. Database with coefficients of friction.
Interface to various expansion modules on request.

Module package ROHRNETZ incl. FDP and L1.3 (VDI Heat Atlas)
BEHE Design of trace heating systems
CAV Control valves for liquids and gases
DROS Flow measurement with throttle devices, orifice plates according to EN-ISO 5167-1/A1
FDP Pressure loss in unmeshed piping systems incl. L1.3 module
KV Design of control valves according to DIN IEC 534, noise calculation and time-dependent control behaviour
LOGI Pressure loss over perforated grids
LOMA Determination of the flow pattern in the Lockhart-Martinelli diagram
NPSH Existing net positive suction head in pipelines incl. module L1.2 (VDI Heat Atlas)
STOS Pressure surges in straight pipelines
TKL Filling levels in storage tanks (vertical, horizontal) with bearing table
VSP Leakage losses / flow rate with flow in annular gaps
ZDP Friction pressure loss in two-phase pipe flows – see also module L2.2 (VDI Heat Atlas)

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