BEHE module

Trace heating around pipelines should prevent an impermissible cooling of the flow medium. Comprehensive theoretical studies on this topic are currently not available.

For single-phase heating media, the number of accompanying pipes can be estimated according to the approaches of Ford, Bacon & Davis Inc. (Texas) Gustav F. Gerdts KG has published a solution for saturated steam.

The BEHE module can be used to determine the required number of trace heating pipes. The heat transfer coefficient, the heat loss and the heating medium requirement are determined.

For single-phase fluids, a distinction is made as to whether the heat-tracing pipes are laid with or without thermal conduction cement. In addition, the nominal diameter can be optimised on the basis of the flow velocity.

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  • Begleitheizungssysteme für Industrieanlagen Wilhelm Groeneveld / Gustav F. Gerdts KG 1973

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